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Graduated in 2003 as a graphic designer at the Arteveldehogeschool in Gent (Mariakerke)

Graduated in 2006 as an illustrator at the Sint-Lucas institute Gent

Studied photography at the Sint-Lukas institute Gent, graduated in 2012.

Been working as a freelance designer, illustrator and photographer since 2009. My work has been published in Elle België, Weekend Knack and others.

Feel free to contact me for more information.


De Standaard
Der Greif
SNOR ‘The 2012 Graduation Issue’, with cover
SNOR 6, full feature
Amazing Flash Camera, booklet in collaboration with Thomas Vandenberghe
WE Mag 8, online publication, series plus cover and back images


08/’05: 'Huis van Alijn', Gent (B) (FLITZ)
03/’06 - 04/’06: 'Toys Insolites' at ARTOYZ, Paris (FR)
03/’06 - 06/’06: Sint-Niklaas, international ex-libris exposition (B)
05/’06 - 06/’06: ‘CJP Het Jong 2006’ in MEKANIK, Antwerp (B)
06/’06 - 09/’06: International Cartoonfestival, Knokke-Heist (B)
07/’06: ‘Junglesessions’ at DEDICATED, Cologne (GER)
08/’06: FISAE Congress at Nyon, ex-libris exposition (Switzerland)
09/’06 - 10/’06: ‘What’s your excuse?!?’ MEKANIK, Antwerp (B)
10/’06 - 01/’07: ‘What’s your excuse?!?’ KAVKA, Antwerp (B)
11/’06: Ankara (Turkey), international ex-libris exposition
12/’06: Sheffield, UK, Hantu Collective
01/’07 – 02/’07 Museum Hoogstraten (B)
01/'07 Station Antwerp - Fashion Expo, Antwerp (B)
04/'08 (permanent) Hotel Focus, Kortrijk (B)
10/'08 24hr comic day
'09-'12 Photographer for Tiens Tiens, magazine on urbanisation
06/'11 Zwerm Expo, Gent (B)
06/'12 Superboring, Gent (B)
08/'12 Artwall 4, Gent (B)
03/'12 Give and take, Gent (B)